Babies and Teething

Babies and Teething

Some problems that can affect children, such as the fact of getting prevent anemia in babies, and now we will reveal everything about these and teething. We talk about babies and teething.


Teething in babies:

• One of the first “problems” of the baby or something that causes them considerable pain, and sometimes something catches unsuspecting parents, especially if they are first-timers, will be the appearance of the first teeth, which is known as teething.

• The dental development and arrangement of the teeth in the mouth is painful and sometimes there may be cases in which babies have this pain from the two or three or four months, although the most common is that the teeth begin to emerge from the third month and that this period be extended until at least three years.

• The first teeth to appear are usually the front. Weeks or days before we see the tooth out, you’ll notice that the baby is restless and takes everything he can to his mouth. If you look you will realize that the gums may be a little swollen and white tone in the area where the tooth appears. The lower front incisors are the first to appear

• After four weeks to begin to leave the four upper front teeth (incisors and upper lateral frontal). And month appear lower lateral incisors, that is, the lower front side.

• Then come the molars for grinding food, and finally the fangs. Typically, children have 20 baby teeth at age three. If not, you should check with your pediatrician.


Aches and pains with teething babies:

• As for the aches and pains that can have the baby and teething and unrest outside of these when they start getting teeth have several that will allow us to be aware of what they are experiencing.

• Sometimes we notice that our baby cries often, you need to have things in their mouths, that babe over the account and they even have a fever.

• It is best to opt for not scare us and start showing teeth give them a biter, we can put in the fridge to soothe them cold.

• On the other hand, for fever can give some antipyretic, known as Apiretal. We can also choose to put some cologne on a handkerchief and put it on the baby’s forehead to calm down and lower the fever.


When to worry about the baby teething:

• If you notice that your baby is four or five months and has not a single tooth is necessary that you take it to your doctor is not going to be having a problem, and is delaying the teething by factors such as the use of that pacifiers or thumb sucking.

• Some cases show how the teething baby develops two teeth in the same hole, which should be treated by a dentist so that the gum does not suffer too much and especially the little no pain.

• If you see that crooked teeth leave need not worry too much because they are baby teeth and not definitive. Anyway do not let it go and control it from start to leave him the final.