Your most frequently asked questions

My tooth is chipped, is there any way to repair it?

Yes!  A damaged tooth can be restored through the technique of tooth colour bonding.  This process uses a special blend of dental composites and synthetic resin to create a material that is applied to the damaged tooth and sculpted to the shape of the original tooth.  The colour, lustre, and enamel transparency of the damaged tooth can be matched perfectly.  This technique works equally well with fractured or stained teeth or to close small gaps between teeth. More.

For broken teeth (or damage that is more complex) your Whites Dental Care cosmetic dentist will consider with you alternative treatment options, such as porcelain veneers and inlays.

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I can’t get my teeth to whiten from just brushing – can you help me?

Yes!  Regular brushing and flossing is the pursuit of excellent home dental care but often is unable to remove accumulated stains from products such as coffee, tea, and tobacco.  You may also simply wish to brighten your teeth, to make your smile more appealing.  In either case, the gentle to your enamel, yet highly effective teeth whitening techniques used by Whites Dental Care will help you achieve whiter, brighter teeth in no time. More on dental care.

Tooth whitening is a painless process that can be scheduled in as little time as your lunch hour.

Home teeth whitening products are not as reliable in their results, nor is there the care for your safety available, as it is with professional application and whitening products.

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I have missing teeth, are dentures or partials my only option?

No!  Traditional dentures and other removable dental appliances, if well fit, allow many people to continue flashing a wonderful smile.  However, these tooth replacement options do not provide a permanent solution and often force a change in eating habits or speech.

Dental implants, on the other hand, provide a permanent tooth replacement solution.  This restorative dental treatment embeds tiny titanium root-posts into the patient’s jawbone, and to this root-post, a perfect reproduction of the missing tooth is permanently attached.  Once the gum is fully healed, the tooth can be maintained as any other natural tooth.  The dental implant allows the patient to eat, drink, and speak normally.

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I have silver fillings that have blackened – can you help me?

Yes!  Older silver fillings, called amalgams, were used to fill the space of a cavity in a decayed tooth.  These fillings contain mercury, which slowly corrodes, turning the filling black.  This dark discolouration is often a source of embarrassment for people with silver fillings.  Your expert cosmetic dentist at Whites Dental Care can erase this concern with beautiful composite fillings that perfectly match your tooth colour and lustre.  Never again will you be self-conscious of your blackened fillings. More.

Composite fillings also have an added benefit:  they lack the sensitivity to heat, cold, and acidic foods experienced by some patients with amalgam fillings.

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I have had some poor experiences with dentists, how are you going to help me?

Your fears and concerns are important to us.  We know that often people avoid getting dental treatment they need due to their fears and anxieties about dentists and dental procedures.  We understand completely and are here to help.

Our first step is to provide our patients with a caring, secure environment that promotes a soothing, restful feeling.  We feel our facility ambience allows for exactly that feeling of security and peace.  Our treatment rooms are outfitted with DVD players for patients to watch to aid in their mental and emotional comfort.

Our next step is to provide you with an in-depth consultation prior to recommending any dental treatment.  We want every question you have answered and for you to feel fully confident of the treatment you are to receive.

Our final step is to utilize appropriate sedation dentistry to help you relax and to make your dental procedure as stress-free and painless as possible.  Your dentist will discuss sedation options with you during your initial consultation and will encourage you to speak freely about your concerns or nervousness.

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My teeth don’t seem to fit my smile: crooked, too long, too many – can you help?

Yes!  A Smile design consultation with our expert cosmetic dentist will be the start of your brand new, beautiful smile!

Every element that makes up your smile will be evaluated and the potential dental treatments discussed with you in detail.  Your treatment options can include:

  • whitening – to brighten teeth
  • tooth colour bonding – to close gaps between teeth and conceal damage
  • tooth extraction – to allow teeth room to be straightened
  • braces – to re-align crooked teeth
  • crowns, veneers, or inlays – to ensure a unified look
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Your smile design is a complex evaluation of your face, lips, teeth, and personality.  We don’t want you to just have a beautiful smile; we want you to have your beautiful smile!