The most popular dental treatments

A Full Range of Dental Care

We have generated a list of the most popular dental treatments across the UK. This ranges from cosmetic, to restorative treatments.

The price of dental treatments will vary massively on the treatment you choose and the practice you are visiting. For affordable dentistry in the Marlborough, Wiltshire area, we recommend visiting Marlborough Dental Studios. View prices here.

Restore your smile

White fillings are now available for both front and back teeth. Modem technology means that these fillings can be placed quickly and comfortably, and are matched to be the same colour as your own teeth. Benefits here.

The modem materials used give a better seal to the tooth making them longer lasting. The fillings now set instantly, meaning no more waiting for fillings to set when you leave the dentist. White fillings mean no more metal fillings showing when you smile.

Enhance your smile with crowns

Cosmetic crowns are made to look natural and offer superior aesthetics.

These are ideal for heavily filled front teeth, teeth that are root-canal filled and discoloured, or teeth that are unsightly and broken down. The shade can be made to match the existing teeth, or they can be made lighter if required.

The cosmetic crowns are extremely strong and may help to strengthen a weakened tooth.

Replace those missing teeth

Bridgework is used to replace one or more missing teeth, by using the adjacent teeth. These adjacent teeth need to be prepared so that they can support the new bridge that is made. The bridge is made to match the shade of the remaining teeth and is cosmetically very acceptable. The bridge is fixed in the mouth and once placed is not removable.

Your guide to oral hygiene

Brighten your smile

Tooth whitening is now carried out routinely in the practice using a very safe and comfortable technique. The teeth are painted with a special gel that is activated by a modem light source. The process may take one hour or so to treat by this method and you sit quite comfortably whilst it is being done. Find out more.

An alternative technique involves having custom made trays that you use at home with a weak tooth whitening agent. The whole course may take ten days, by using the trays on a daily basis.

The technique is painless and like the other technique there are no side effects, or damage to the teeth. This technique allows you to “top up” when you require. Click here.

Dental veneers/Dental laminates

Teeth can be whitened, and made straighter and more uniform relatively easily, using dental veneers. Spaces between teeth can be closed and the shapes of unsightly teeth can be changed to improve your smile.

Perfect your oral health

Dental Hygiene treatment and excellent oral hygiene are essential to achieve the best aesthetic result for any of the previously mentioned techniques. If the gums are healthy then all cosmetic restorations look better and fit better.

Dental hygienists are available to ensure that the gums are healthy and home maintenance is oral hygiene care is of a high standard. Dental hygiene appointments can be arranged independently, on the dentist recommendation. More information.