Today we want to share an old post of Marcelino Madrigal’s blog on a subject that plagues many children, bullying through the network. It is not a new topic, there have always been cases of bullying, but through technology occurs in a somewhat different and parents, as we always haveRead More →

 The natural scalp flaking that continuously released flat dead cells, the likely action of certain saprophytic microbes and in some cases the strong tendency to flaking, are the root causes of dandruff that occurs in both hair abnormal proportions acids as in the dry hair. Depending on which of theRead More →

There is very good intentions, we try to do our part, but we often fail in the attempt. We begin to feel the need for that something to help us keep heading for the goal. And is that before starting a new regimen, the ideal is to devise a goodRead More →

Choose a dentist that is right for you and your family is an important decision that can take a little while, plus a little research on your part.  When looking for a dentist, the dental clinic or consultation, is also something that should be considered in your search. Use thisRead More →