Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

What is Tooth Whitening?

buy Lyrica online canada It is a cosmetic procedure in great demand today which involves applying a special substance that releases oxygen free radicals which when in contact with the enamel achieved clarify various shades depending on the degree of gel concentration and duration of this.

Tooth whitening is often a procedure used when a patient wants to have a ‘complete smile makeover’. Having a personalised smile design can certainly boost your self esteem as you will have sparkling, white teeth that you can be proud of. See more information.

What are the differences between various methods of teeth whitening?

getting Misoprostol without doctor Several methods are among the most common and effective are:

Home Method: We perform a soft plastic guards to fit the patient’s teeth and apply it at home whitening gel inside the guard and placed over the teeth for a few hours. So after several days of application gets supervised whitening by the dentist. They are less expensive.

Methods in Office: Held in the dental office by the specialist. This is more convenient and faster procedure compared to home method. The dentist isolates the teeth with a protective gum and mouth and applies the whitening substance which is left to stand for several minutes. Depending on the system can be used to accelerate and / or activate Laser (laser whitening), with light curing light (LED whitening) or Plasma (Whitening Brite Smile). The concentration of peroxide (bleaching agent used safely for over 20 years to whiten teeth) varies depending on the system used, which generally the higher the concentration, can cause temporary increased sensitivity.

Microabrasion: This method is very similar to dermabrasion in which imperfections desmanchan outermost layer of enamel fluorosis cases. Apply specific gels for that procedure and careful technique. The number of times that can be performed is limited and the result will depend on the expectations of the patient and the particular objective of treatment. Find out more.

Can there be tooth sensitivity?

If, at any bleach may experience sensitivity method, which is usually transient and during the days when the teeth are whitened. It is usually controllable with analgesics and therapeutic laser and / or application of gels desensitized. At low doses the concentration of most of the patients do not experience the least discomfort.

Evaluation is important prior to bleaching to analyze whether the patient is a candidate or not to bleaching and / or type of whitening is appropriate for this and the result to be expected. Click here to see how you can maintain your oral hygiene.