Video Recording of Consultations

New consultation system

Over the last few years, the demand for our dentists’ appointments has increased enormously.

We have tried to meet that demand by offering twice as many appointments but this has not met our patient’s needs.

To try and ensure the needs of our patients are met as much as possible, we have listened to your feedback and have changed our appointment system to improve your access to GP’s in a way that we hope will improve things for you and your families and to use our resources in the best possible way.

When patients ask to book an appointment the Receptionist will initially arrange a telephone consultation with a dentist of your choice as much as possible. Please note requests on the day or during times of staff shortage, the dentist of choice may not always be available.

The telephone call will be at a time agreed with you and after speaking to the dentist you will decide together on the best thing to do; that may well be that you will see the Doctor or a Nurse in the surgery that day, or another day, or you may be offered advice on how to manage things yourself.



Nurse Practitioners

If you need an appointment with any of the Nursing Team the Receptionist can still arrange that for you.

Nurse Practitioners can also treat you and prescribe medications in the same way a dentist can for certain conditions. If you still need to see a dentist after seeing a Nurse Practitioner they will be able to arrange that for you.
Appointments with Nurse Practitioners are easily available and we would encourage you whenever possible to see these excellent clinicians.

We understand that these changes may be difficult to get to grips with initially but we sincerely hope that you will quickly see that these changes will, we hope, give you better access to your surgery at a time more convenient for you.

We thank you for all your help with these changes.

We also offer an online booking system for the dentist’s telephone consultations; patients must register for this service. To apply to use this service please contact the Practice, all users must be registered first.

Video Recording

Dentists will sometimes video patient consultations, this is an important part of their medical training and we hope that you feel able to agree to your consultation being recorded. We also have CCTV installed for patient safety.

The recording will not take place without the patient’s consent. No intimate examinations will be recorded and the camera will be switched off whenever you wish.

If you agree to your consultation being recorded then you will be asked to sign a consent form. The recording is confidential and will not be shown to anyone other than the dentist you had your consultation with and their supervisor.